strategic america case studies

Strategic America® is a 42-year-old marketing firm working with dozens of national brands, many of which require innovative lead generation to sustain their business. SA has extensive experience in marketing automation platforms like Salesforce, Eloqua, Mailchimp and HubSpot, and will support Spawn as we build more comprehensive email programs to increase engagement rates and drive visits to Alaska.

Email Sign-Ups


 A client was not generating new leads from consumers signing up for emails on their website.


Develop a sticky banner on the website that stays on the page as the consumer scrolls. The banner offers $100 off a project if the customer signs up to receive promotional and newsletter emails.

Immediately after signing up on the website, the consumer receives an email welcoming them and providing them with the $100 off project coupon, as well as an opportunity to schedule an appointment.


In the 9 months prior to launching this banner pop-up on the website, the client only had 5 email sign-ups. In just 2 months after launch, they had 27 email sign-ups. That is over a 5x increase in monthly email sign-ups.

This created a more efficient avenue for capturing leads and building the funnel for email nurturing strategies, which ultimately converts these leads into sales.

Newsletter Optimization


A home products & services client was experiencing low engagement with email newsletters being deployed. The customer journey is 18-24 months long for this client, and it is a high consideration product.


SA approached this from multiple angles: updates to email coding, segmentation by customer type, and leveraging dynamic content capabilities for personalization.

The email coding enhancements deliver on the overall UX experience for these emails, some examples are:

  • Improved responsiveness – emails now automatically adjust based on device width.
  • Better rendering across email platforms.
  • Design enhancements for dark mode – 27% of our audience was using dark mode settings on their devices.
  • Send time optimization – with the new Apple MPP update, SA changed how they optimized when sending emails to work around this hurdle.

They also segmented customers based on their nurture status within the CRM system. Strategic America developed 3 segmentation groups: customers who purchased our product, consumers still considering their purchase decision, and lost opportunities. With these segments, they built dynamic emails to send information relevant to each contact and accounted for where they are in their customer journey. Dynamic content blocks enabled them to setup the email template for a consistent look across segments, but the content in the body of the email dynamically changed depending on the contact’s status in the CRM system.


This new strategy generated higher open rates, engagement rates and lower unsubscribes from our emails. Here is a comparison of the improved metrics.


Unique Open Rate

Unique Click Rate

Email Quality Score*

Old Newsletter




New Newsletter








*Email quality score is a new metric in the email industry. A ratio of unsubscribes and unique clicks, range -1 to 1.

The new strategy with advanced segmentation and customization significantly improved engagement within the emails and decreased unsubscribes, which is shown by the vast improvement in the email quality score. Additionally, the percentage of readers who spent more than 8 seconds reading the email increased from 38% to 51%.