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influence the decision to travel to alaska, while supporting travel alaska’s revenue model.

insight  |  refining our tactics to focus on our target audience and inspire travel with rich storytelling.



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The Travel Alaska revenue model is based on the number of leads it can acquire through its multi-pronged marketing campaign. These leads are vital to the organization in two ways: for marketing Alaska to visitors, and as a revenue stream because they sell them to their members to fund marketing.


pairing our target audience with travel trends and qualitative insights for maximum ROI.

Our audience was college-educated Boomers who were empty nesters (based on analysis of previous visitors to Alaska). With further refinement we focused on the primary trip planner, a 55-year-old woman, even giving her a data-inspired name: Donna was a popular name the year our 55-year-old trip planner was born.

We paired this data with travel trend insights from MMGY, Skift and Destination Analyst, as well as qualitative insights in the form of interviews with the previous summer’s Alaska travelers. Quantitative surveys told us visitors we’re “highly satisfied” and “very likely to return” but people, through qualitative research, transformed those generic statements into “it’s my happy place” and “you can leave Alaska but it never leaves you.” Those rich perspectives inspired rich emotional storytelling.


Our digital media placement had to both reach our target audience and do double-duty:

1) generate clicks on member links on the Travel Alaska website and 2) incent visitors to download an Alaska Vacation Planner to support member ad placement and generate leads for members.

Paid Social
PMP Travel Site Display
Digital Display

Travel Alaska had previously relied on incentivized leads, and members were used to buying large, often low quality, lead lists to support their marketing efforts.  Spawn recommended a focus on more high-quality leads for better member marketing results which presented a new challenge: how to alter the media mix and “sell in” a new cost-per-lead model that continued to optimize leads to support members and the revenue model.

  • Results

Spawn aggressively optimized Travel Alaska’s digital campaign to focus on the most-efficient placements based on cost-per-lead (CPL, low funnel) and other marketing goals.

Projected CPL:                          $14.21

Campaign launch CPL:              $21.70

Optimized CPL:                         $12.10

The campaign generated 17% more Vacation Planner downloads, YOY, when comparing results without incentivized leads.