do good and get rewarded. 200% ROI on giving.
pro bono redefined.

why DreamStream?

The name was inspired by the original Dream Stream, a magical part of the South Platte River in Colorado. It’s a spot where the river meanders through grasslands, creating an ideal place for fish to live, breed and grow into some very large trout. It's allure is so great that anglers come from all over the world to harvest its bounty.

The Spawn DreamStream, too, is a special place. One where ideas live, breathe and ultimately, soar. It’s a convergence of goodwill and good works, where everyone benefits. We’re glad you’re here.

why we do this

Giving back is an essential part of our DNA and a value that’s ingrained in Spawn’s culture. The agency and our employee owners have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours to causes and organizations we believe in. Still, we challenged ourselves to find an innovative way to give even more – to shift the pro bono paradigm. That’s how DreamStream came to be. This approach allows us to use our talents, secure new donors for nonprofits and meet exceptional new clients such as yourself. (We’re going to assume you’re exceptional, unless you tell us otherwise.) 

how it works

The process is quite simple. Your for-profit company becomes a first-time donor/funder to a nonprofit. In return, your for-profit company receives double the amount of their donation in marketing services from Spawn Ideas – to market your own business. A $10,000 donation results in $20,000 in services; $25,000 equals $50,000, and so on. There is a cap of $50k/$100k for each calendar year in total.

What’s the catch? There really isn’t one. We only ask that your project has a defined scope of work and a clear timeframe. We find that everyone benefits from a deadline and a tangible goal. Beyond that, there are no rules.

Bottom line: The nonprofit benefits through your donation. Your company receives a 200% ROI in services. The agency has an opportunity to create great, effective work for a new client. It’s a Win/Win/Win.

why spawn?

Good question. We’re strategic. There is rigor, insight and process in whatever we do. We’re efficient. We have a vision for what the future of marketing will look like and don’t get complacent. It’s our aim to add long-term value to your business.

Plus, we’re nice people. The chemistry you’ll witness at Spawn is real – among the team and with our great clients. We hope you’ll be one of them soon. 

the humble brag

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