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    The Emergence of a ‘Phygital’ Shopping Journey

    Brick and mortar retail stores and malls were once the places where you would browse, explore and shop. You then went online to quickly look up some additional details, maybe find a color you didn’t see in store, and make a quick purchase. You spent time in the physical store, while your online journey was purpose-driven…
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    The Traditional Male Stereotype Isn’t Working

    If you’re on TikTok -- and with over 1 billion users you probably are -- you might have seen this video or something similar as part of the trend of assigning men written by women energy to celebrities, fictional characters, and men’s personalities or actions. The concept of male characters who are respectful, kind and unafraid…
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    It’s the Little Things

    In the work-from-home era, we’ve all taken a break from the computer to start some laundry in the middle of the day, maybe even scrolling TikTok while we wait for the dryer to finish—only to be left with a sense of guilt, wondering if we are cheating the system. (Hint: We are not. Think of all…
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    5 Things I Learned From Going “Kind of” Viral

    No, I’m not recognized on the streets of Anchorage…yet. But I was quite surprised at the minor success of one of my TikTok videos. I, an old Millennial, will call it viral, but I know the Gen Z population wouldn’t bat an eye at my mere 104k views, 20k likes and 1,400 follower gain. Small potatoes.…