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Right-Sizing Your Brand’s Video Content

We hear time and time again about the shrinking consciousness of consumers in an age of ever-increasing content. But are consumers attention spans really dwindling or are they just becoming more selective? According to a recent study by Prezi, our content consumption is now more evolved than ever, only stopping to give notice to things that…

Five Questions for: Anita Laulainen

  Hi, my name is Anita and I am the production artist here at Spawn Ideas. This means I primarily work on producing and executing creative content for our clients.   Tell us about the journey that led you to join the Spawn team.   After graduating from UAA with a Bachelor of Arts degree with…

Podcast Picks

Podcasts allow us to listen in on conversations about topics we love. Whether it’s the unraveling of a crime mystery, interviews with celebrity influencers or simply a check-in with your favorite comedian - podcasts are an outlet into the feel-good web. With their growing popularity they’ve not only become a hot-spot for advertising, but our Spawners…

Five Questions for: Marina Soria

Hi, my name’s Marina Soria and I am the content and community coordinator here at Spawn Ideas; this means I help expand Spawn’s social media marketing services and other online content strategies.  Tell us about the journey that led you to join the Spawn team. I had just recently moved back from living in Fairbanks. There…
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