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The Gift of Giving (1)

The Gift of Giving: What experience and retail gifting can do for your brand

By Siobhan JohansenWhen it comes to holiday gift giving, there are two types of givers: those who love to give physical gifts, and others who give the gift of experiences. Both options have their pros and cons and whichever gift giver you choose to be is very subjective to who you are buying for! Having a…
Shifting to Thrifting Creative_FINALS4

Shifting to Thrifting: How Secondhand is Becoming the Next New Thing for Buyers – and Brands

By Kaylee DevineI am in the process of passing along our son’s baby gear (finally, my husband would say!). Every item has a ton of life left in it – and a ton of memories, too. Every single article of clothing or piece of gear has a story, and even though we don’t need it anymore,…
Ignoring the modern man_header_FINAL

“Maverick” and the Mistake of Ignoring the Modern Man

By Kaylee Devine and Siobhan JohansenI, like most of the rest of the country, went to see “Top Gun: Maverick” recently. (And, no, this isn’t a movie review…) While I was undoubtedly impressed with the action-packed cinematography (the closest I will ever get to flying in an F-18!), I was struck most by the changes in…

Marketers, it’s time to turn up the volume

Five years ago, it was predicted that all digital video would need to be produced with the intention that it would be viewed with no sound. (1) So how did we get to a place where the relevance of audio is once again at new heights? Where ABBA is experiencing a resurgence and goofy audio clips…