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Married to your Work

What do you get when you cross two of Spawn's world-class creatives? Amazing advertisements, a kick a** wedding invite… and a baby. Oh, and logos… lots and lots of logos. It all started 7 years ago when our current Art Director, Amy, moved here from Pennsylvania for a Spawn summer internship. What was it like meeting…

The Benefits of In-Office Babies

At Spawn, we welcome brand-new hatchlings with open arms (quite literally), with a policy that encourages parents to bring their new littles into work with them until they’re old enough to crawl. It’s a fantastic benefit for parents: “Being a first-time mom, it gave me peace of mind to know that when my maternity leave was…
Podcast studio: microphone and computer.

Getting a Piece of the Podcasting Pie

In case you’ve been off the grid, podcasts– originally known as audio blogs– are on-demand dialogue recordings covering almost any topic you can think of. If you can google it, there’s a podcast on it (We’re not kidding, there are over 700,000 active podcasts to choose from). And people are all ears for them: In the…
Spawner Spotlight Charles5

Five Questions for: Charles Leshan

Hi, my name is Charles Leshan and I am the Production Director here at Spawn Ideas, as well as General Manager of Bore Tide One Source – a subsidiary of Spawn. Tell us about the journey that led you to join the Spawn team. Shortly after Spawn won the GCI business, Spawn needed an experienced Production…
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