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Work of the Week: NextMX

Spawn Ideas is proud to be part of nextMX, an alliance of thought-leaders, including Stone Mantel and ALA Consulting, who work together to help businesses deliver future-focused meaningful customer experiences (MX) for the long-term success of their brands. And at Spawn, we take our role as partner seriously. That’s why, when nextMX needed a new website…

See Your Business Clearly: How Observations Become Insights

During Spawn’s weekly staff meetings, we cover more than your average agency—topics range from industry trends and our latest work to goals for our business, and the latest valuation of our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Not long ago, Account Planner Jesse Alleva had us try an observational exercise (from Amy Herman’s book, Visual Intelligence). The…

Work of the Week: Salmon Love

The Creative: Logo for The Salmon Project The Client: The Salmon Project Why We Made It: In Alaska, salmon matter. They’re a fundamental element of our state’s economy, and a key aspect of our way of life. So, our opinions on issues related to salmon? They tend to be strong. The Salmon Project was a feasibility…

Tools of the Trade: Teradek Serv Pro

I’m Andy Zanto, the Broadcast Director here at Spawn. My job is to be the connection between the creative team, who conceive the idea for a video and the video production team, who bring that idea to life. A great tool I use to do that is Teradek Serv Pro. What Does Teradek Serv Pro Do?…
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