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how to attract new customers who are currently settling for “good enough.”

insight  |  we needed to show this plugged-in but not super techy group what they were missing.



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in order to grow internet subscribers, GCI needed to steal share from the competition.

The competition offered an “unlimited” service but was considerably slower. But, while GCI’s superior product was faster at a more competitive price; it was not truly “unlimited.” And, as we know, people don’t like to give something up that’s “good enough”


we needed to show this plugged-in but not super techy group what they were missing.

The competitor’s customers (our opportunity) were professional, educated, primarily two-person homes. They were streaming and using internet for both personal and professional use and settling for “good enough.” 


GCI’s advertising message opened would-be subscribers’ eyes by comparing the competition’s slow internet to the struggles of everyday physical tasks.

We deployed a competitive conquesting strategy. Our digital-only campaign used technology to exclude GCI’s existing customers, freeing us to provide a competitive-advantage message to non-customers only. Messages were tested on social platforms to determine which GCI benefit resonated most strongly, with communications extended across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, search, and digital to ensure the right level of intensity for prospects.

Our advertising led prospective customers to a landing page which compared their current plan to GCI.

We won’t bore you with the advertising results – your boss doesn’t care about those anyway – let’s talk subscriber numbers:

  • GCI had the best quarter on record for new internet sales in over four years
  • In a single month alone, GCI was 178% over connect goals for its most profitable plans