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insight  |  planning an Alaska trip is equal parts dreaming the dream and defining the details.



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help travelers make their dreams their reality

The Alaska Travel Industry Association (Travel Alaska) came to Spawn to revamp its travel planner, a 106-page guide mailed to prospective visitors to the state. Their goal? Create a one-stop resource that would turn dreamers into doers—people with booked trips to The Last Frontier

showcase alaska businesses

A modern, engaging planner should also create a great space to showcase businesses that cater to visitors. One of the redesign’s goals, therefore, was to increase ad sales by making a publication so useful that Alaska’s travel businesses would be excited to participate in it.


sell the dream, show the way

To connect with an audience with endless digital options, the Alaska Travel Planner had to do more than convey facts and contact information. It needed to put readers at the center of their own story of epic scenery and life-changing adventures, then lead them to the experts and resources who could help make those dreams happen.

Each spread in the planner is a launchpad, focusing on topics Alaska visitors crave most—magnificent wildlife, spectacular scenery, local culture, and adventure that’s a fit for their level of skill. No story is a dead-end: Each offers a reader a way to ask questions, make contact, or learn more—particularly on ATIA’s social channels.

By becoming the hottest source for travelers, the planner became a hot destination for Alaska businesses. From kayak shore excursions to outback lodging, the planner became a sought-after publication for advertisers.


an increase of 20% in ad placements between its previous planner and the Spawn revamp.