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the challenge

The University of Alaska was experiencing enrollment declines, shrinking class offerings,

less student diversity, and ultimately less revenue for the university and state. The potential students who could change this were overwhelmed and unresponsive to most marketing materials. We needed to reverse a trend, increase applications nationally and get local 529 beneficiaries to spend their money here. No small task.

we were curious

We began by reviewing a cross section of the materials high schoolers were receiving from other universities.

While loaded with information and packaged inspiration, they were sorely lacking in something else: humanity and relatability—two things that could reach these stressed students.

genuine human understanding

The life of a high schooler is one of constant change over four years. Navigating different social circles. Gaining new independence. A changing family dynamic. To get through amid this all, you must tap into their current state of mind. They were on a journey and Alaska is all about adventure.

the wild idea

Starved for some emotional relief and guidance, we realized these students needed something informative – and fun – that they’d want to keep. An extensive direct mail program hit them at every stage of their life from freshman through senior year. These interactive, creative pieces did more than deliver information. They put it in the right context at the right time. Showing that the Alaska university system was with them every step of the way.

the result

In only the early stages of the campaign, UA already saw

150% more applicants from ETA’s national recruitment mailing list.