• innovation through insights

craft new strategies, explore uncharted waters, and deliver new products and experiences that people love.

what's hooligan?

  • Hooligan is Spawn’s strategy & innovation practice. Powered by a team of account planners, design thinkers and data zealots, we put people at the center of our work, providing insights that can transform your marketing, and your business.

how we do it

business intelligence & data analytics

  • Data Mining & Cleansing
  • Trend & Statistical Analysis
  • Key Metric Development
  • Extrapolation & Projections

design thinking & product development

  • Ethnographic Research
  • 5+ Week Design Challenge
  • 1-2 Week Design Sprint
  • Product Development

business strategy & planning

  • Consumer Research
  • Trends Analysis
  • Insight & Strategy
  • Personas/Journey Mapping

what's design thinking?

  • It’s a methodology and framework for uncovering what your audiences truly want, and delivering new products, services and experiences. We help you understand your consumers, test and prototype new offerings, and iterate and optimize what you already have.

    Design thinking can turn your organization into a powerhouse of innovation and help solve your most pressing problems.