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the challenge

For many potential visitors, Alaska seemed overwhelming.

Which is not surprising given you can fit Texas, Montana, and California inside the state. But all those destinations had something Alaska didn’t: almost 10X the advertising budget. What’s more, we were tasked with generating quality travel leads during a time of changing pandemic mandates as Covid persisted.

we were curious

We did research into why travelers might choose Alaska over another dream location. Places which were also suffering from decreased visitation. We learned Alaska had what others didn’t:

Awe in magnitude. There simply was more room to explore here, safely.

genuine human understanding

In talking to past Alaska leisure travelers, we learned about the transformational, almost spiritual experience they had. The connection to nature here offered much more than a temporary escape from reality. It had the potential to change their mindset. People were sick of hearing about Covid. Mental health was at an all-time low. We just needed to remind them of the power of wide, open spaces.

the wild idea

With a decreased budget we couldn’t showcase every spectacular vista. Instead, we tried something else. Featuring a few select locales, we reminded visitors of the immeasurable peace of mind that this place provides. A trip to Alaska gives you a great big, beautiful state… of mind. 

the result

Exceeded our lead generation goals by 20%

Contributed to direct visitor spending, incremental trip value, and more days spent in Alaska

Campaign led to a record-breaking tourism season for the state