Five Questions for: Abbey Brau

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Hi, my name is Abbey Brau and I am an Account Supervisor here at Spawn Ideas. This means I create strong relationships with our clients to ensure their business and creative needs are met.


Tell us about the journey that led you to join the Spawn team.

I earned my advertising stripes in Minneapolis, MN before deciding I needed to explore some new territory. When I was looking for opportunities, a past coworker and friend of mine connected me to Spawn. The Last Frontier was not on my short-list of states to move to at the time, but I said “well, why the hell not?!” I moved up here sight-unseen and have since fallen in love with Alaska and its wildness. Also, I like winter… so that helps!


What are you most proud of from your work here at Spawn?        

All the fun things I’ve learned! New market, new clients, new ways to do things. Compared with previous jobs, Spawn is a small shop and it requires everyone to roll up their sleeves and pitch in. Sometimes you do something you haven’t done before. The Alaska market is also different than markets in the Lower 48 which can be a little bit of a learning curve. Learning new things makes you look at life and work through a new lens. 


What is your idea of success?

Proud clients, proud coworkers, proud self. When others are excited or proud to work with you/your coworkers, it speaks volumes in terms of happiness, interest and excitement to come to work and produce quality work.


 What’s the best advice you were ever given, and who was it from?

Just start. You may never have all the info you need or the parts for a project, but if it’s something you want, just start moving forward. Take that first step. I don’t know if I’ve heard it from one specific person – if I did, it was a while ago and it’s a sentiment I try to employ when I get stuck or have a really BIG goal I’m trying to accomplish and I don’t know where to begin.

I’ve accomplished some pretty rad endeavors because I just started without overthinking. The latest example where this was reiterated for me was in the “The Dirtbag Diaries” podcast: Solo She Rides. Highly recommend a listen to this one.


Finish the sentence: My professional True North is____

Put 100% of yourself into everything you do – in and out of work. It’s all connected.

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