Five Questions for: Brad Regruto

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Hi, my name is Brad and I am an Art Director here at Spawn Ideas. This means I am in charge of developing how ads look and feel.


Tell us about the journey that led you to join the Spawn team.
I was connected through a recruiter from the Spawn team. When I first began the interviewing process, I was nervous because Alaska would be the farthest I’d ever been from home and was a huge move. But after a few rounds and getting a chance to meet the Spawn team, I thought I’d be a good fit and could see myself enjoying life in Alaska. In addition to all the great people, this state is such a unique place to be able to live, especially since I love the outdoors.


What are you most proud of from your work here at Spawn?
GCI’s Holiday campaign. It’s been a crazy year (obviously) and the holidays are a time to spread joy and connect with others; so to bring a nice, simple and warm message to a brand that has the power to bring people together (even during a time where we’re all apart) was a great accomplishment. I smile every time I see a piece from this campaign.


What is your idea of success?

Advertising is about locking in a strategy linked to a human truth and creating a positive connection between a person and a brand. I define success as pushing the boundaries/limits and how well we connect with our audience. It’s allowing us as creatives to promote a bold message and challenging the thoughts of those who see our work. 


What’s the best advice you were ever given, and who was it from?
“Be confident. Don’t tell yourself no” – Said to me by a mentor.

We work in a pretty fun industry and not many people get to see behind the curtain. There are a lot of crazy concepts that get thrown around and no matter how far out of leftfield they might be it’s important to be confident in your own, because if you’re not, no one else will be. It takes guts to present bold ideas, but to me it’s always better to be the person pushing the envelope. And it makes it all worth it when those ideas get pulled through!

Finish the sentence: My professional True North is___

To always give options. Being in a collaborative industry, it’s important to provide different perspectives. As an Art Director I always like to bring a variety of ideas, layouts or concepts to the table. This creates constructive conversation which helps me improve as a creative, along with my work.

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