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change the perception of GCI mobile: from second best, to first - with 5G

insight  |  5G is intangible and confusing. We had to find a way to communicate its benefits in a memorable way, getting people excited about the technology and the new wireless experience from GCI.



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trailblazing in the first frontier

GCI is a local company only operating in Alaska, unlike AT&T — a multinational company with deep, deep pockets. Typically being local is an advantage but, for GCI, it cast doubt about its wireless product, with perceptions that it was second best. So, when GCI overhauled its mobile network, new customers needed to believe it was, not just on par, but second to none.

finding the right voice

Spawn identified the perfect spokesperson for the campaign. He was the epitome of an underdog turned champion: Nick Hanson.

Nick is an Alaska Native from Unalakleet, AK, who competes on national scale on the hit TV series: American Ninja Warrior. But Nick, known as the Eskimo Ninja, was not always the unstoppable force he is now; he overcame his own challenges to become second-to-none, the perfect parallel for GCI’s new wireless experience.


Our mobile-first campaign infiltrated the phone screens of GCI’s prospective customers who had AT&T service. We launched with a rousing social video of Nick turning on 5G in Anchorage. For social media, we used video to communicate 5G benefits like faster data and increased coverage. And, since social is often consumed without sound, and snackable content works best, we kept it brief with bold type.

Each medium had its own messaging strategy, while retaining the overall campaign aesthetic. Ads led prospects seamlessly to a 5G webpage with offers and more information on GCI’s 5G experience.



  • over goal in the first month the campaign launched


  • over goal in month 2

8 weeks of positive subscriber growth. 20% increase in new wireless connects YOY.