Kayla Furlong: Kayla’s Kitchen

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Our Production Assistant, Kayla Furlong, finds comfort in her cooking and spends her spare time experimenting in the kitchen. From dinner cuisines to delicious desserts, Kayla enjoys the many positive sentiments of sharing something homemade.


What initially got you into cooking?

I started cooking with my mom and grandma. Anytime they were in the kitchen they would always ask if I wanted to help. I remember always lending a hand where I could, whether it be stirring, whisking, mashing or my personal favorite… licking the spoon.


What is your favorite dish to make?

One of my favorite dishes to make is Shepard’s Pie. It is my go-to, quick and easy, “dump” recipe – yet is still hearty and warm, making it perfect for winter nights!


What do you like about cooking?

Feeding friends or family, whether it be savory or sweet, has always given me joy. Any home-cooked food tends to have a level of comfort that ordering in just can’t compete with.

Eating and enjoying a home-cooked meal together with loved ones can also make you forget about the troubles in your life, even if it is just within that 20 or 30 minutes. My joy of cooking has always stemmed from this sense of togetherness and the comfort that comes along with it.


Do you have a favorite cooking show?

Chopped is one of my favorite cooking shows to watch! I love how you have to improvise with the ingredients provided to make an amazing dish. I have begun to use this work with what you got tactic at home when I have a few random leftovers sitting in the fridge. Instead of simply reheating leftovers, I’ve tried to make a new dish out of them entirely. It is a fun way to spice things up, so you are not eating the same meal over and over again.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to start?

My advice for cooking is to have fun with it and not be scared to think outside the box. Throw in that extra vegetable or that extra dash of seasoning – it just might make it taste better than ever before!

When it comes to baking however, follow the recipe and then adjust. Baking is often a science in its own way, experimenting with ingredients can go bad quickly. I’ve learned to bake exactly as the recipe asks and then adjust the recipe accordingly the next time around.


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