Andy Zanto: Andy’s Workshop

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When Director of Broadcast Production, Andy Zanto, isn’t on set for Spawn’s latest commercial shoot he uses his artistic eye to woodcraft. Working hands-on to craft beautiful fixtures.


What initially got you into woodworking?

My father was a carpenter by trade, so I was exposed to working with wood at a young age. While carpenter work is usually more construction in nature, woodworking is more of a craft. That being said, there are many aspects that can blur the line between the two disciplines.

What is your favorite completed woodworking project?

The pieces I get the most enjoyment from are furniture pieces. To date, I’m most proud of a cherry sideboard. It has six drawers with dovetail drawer slides and three lower doors. I’ve included construction detail photos of the mortis and tenon joinery (the connection of the two pieces of wood), the glue up of the solid top and a photo of the finished piece.

What do you enjoy about woodworking?

Woodworking is an amazing combination of making, working with my hands, and artistic expression. There are so many styles and ways to make pieces. Like studying painting from various time periods and styles. It takes practice and patience. In the end there is a physical representation of the thought and effort that was committed to a piece’s construction. Each piece brings a sense of completion and pride.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to start?

Start small. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Observe what others are doing and ask questions.

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