Lisa King Honored for Punching Above Her Weight

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At Spawn, we strive to “punch above our weight” every day. That means taking smarts and effort to the next level, and getting big time results for our agency and its clients. This attitude matters to us so much, in fact, that we recognize members who put this vision into action with a coveted “Punch Above Our Weight” award.

We don’t give this trophy lightly—in fact, it’s only been awarded twice since it was conceived of a few years ago. So, when EVP/CFO, Lisa King, was awarded the gilded gloves in December, it was a really big deal.

And it was really well earned: In her 26 years with Spawn, Lisa has graced this place with her energy, enthusiasm, excitement, and a heart bigger than Alaska for both her coworkers and our clients.

Lisa, thank you for being a shining example of what our agency stands for. You are truly one of the greats.

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