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Mode and the Path to Purchase Webinar

Our Mode and the Path to Purchase webinar, presented on August 24th, gave actionable insights on the outdoor consumer’s path to purchase taken from a recently co-authored report with the Outdoor Industry Association. You’ll learn ways to move prospective buyers more quickly from thinking to doing using new targeting tools like mode/mindset that are easily integrated with your legacy toolset and systems.

Fully 89% of companies in 2017 will compete mainly on customer experience … will you be at the front of that pack? Learn how to market more efficiently (and cost-effectively) across demographics using the new outdoor consumer path to purchase.

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Thank you for your interest in our webinar Mode and the Path to Purchase. We hope you enjoyed it and found the content useful. We would love the opportunity to help you use mode as a tool to direct and advance your brand’s marketing initiatives. Please call or email Doug to set up an exploratory session.

Doug Hagge
Business Development
Spawn Ideas


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