Returning to the Office

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After sixteen months of our transition to a virtual working space, our Spawners will head back to the office every Tuesday and Wednesday starting July 20, 2021. But with so much of our team’s recent interactions happening through a screen, what is it they’re most concerned about for their return? We took a moment to uncover the real feelings of our Spawners below.


“I only have so many clothes and unfortunately there isn’t a ‘touch up my appearance’ Zoom filter in real life”- Michelle, our Project Supervisor says.


“I’m concerned about parallel parking my big truck on the streets…haha!”  says Iny, our Resource Manager.


But the one thing our Content Coordinator, Marina, is  worried about? “What will people think when they see I have legs!”


While these concerns are all things many return-to-the-office (RTO) employees can relate to, there’s no doubt all of our Spawners can equally agree on the one thing we’re looking forward to most: seeing our team!


“I just miss our people — genuinely good humans (“decent human beings” being my highest compliment) that are nice to be around.” Karen, CEO of Spawn Ideas, admits. “A bit like family — sometimes there are challenges, but we get through it and come out the other side together. Seeing members of our team now sparks a warmth I didn’t expect and shows how much I’ve missed what each brings to the table.”


And really, after sixteen months, Spawn has seen a lot of growth—over seven new team members that bring many new things to the virtual table (soon to be physical!) “I’m looking forward to meeting all the new Spawners that I haven’t met IRL yet” Iny says. 


“I’m looking forward to laughing with everyone in person again.” Our recently promoted Project Manager, Siobhan adds on.


Returning to the office — good or bad?

While the past year and a half has given our Spawners the freedom to work from home and all it encompasses, we hope this shift to a hybrid schedule will give our team and clients the best of both worlds. Only time will tell. But if it’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that our Spawner’s will have a smashing RTO debut. 


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