The Bear Necessities

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Our Production Artist, Anita, has a passion for the outdoors and this summer she’s made it to new heights (quite literally), documenting her journeys through her photography. If you follow our socials, you’ve seen her stunning snapshots in our Weekend Wanderings, where we highlight our Spawners off-day shenanigans. Within her devotion in continuously exploring all that Alaska has to offer, she’s learned a thing or two about the knapsack necessities. And she’s taking over today to tell you how she keeps it light in bear country:


Rain jacket

The weather report might have a small chance of rain or say it’s warm, but you never know what can happen in the mountains. Sometimes it’s just cold and windy and an extra layer comes in handy.


Quarter zip

I usually start all hikes wearing one and either keep it on or take it off partway through. I like to have plenty of layers for change in temperature, or even just getting colder coming down from a hike.



Another extra layer of clothing, just in case. I like to wear mine when it rains, it keeps the rain off my face and glasses.



I use an Osprey 20L backpack to carry everything with me. It’s exactly the size I need and perfect for carrying a water bladder.


Water bladder

The easiest way to carry water and have easy access to it while on long, steep hikes.


DSLR camera

To capture Alaska in all its beautiful detail. I use a Canon EOS 6D and usually just keep my 24-105mm lens on it since it’s a good range zoom lens. I’m able to capture a variety of photos, from landscapes to greenery and wildlife not far off the trail.



For safety, I use my phone to check AllTrails if I’m on a new-to-me trail and keep in contact with family to let them know where I am. I also use it as a back-up camera for self-timed photos, summit selfies and short videos of the beautiful 360° views. If I know it’s going to get dark, I’ll also use it to keep a close eye on the time.


Portable charger and cable

In case of emergency, I like to have extra power for my phone.


(3) Phone tripod

For when I’m by myself and I want to get a good photo that’s not just a phone taken selfie.



Instead of bulky binoculars, I carry a monoscope to look for wildlife on mountain ridges.



Even if I don’t always eat something, I bring at least one snack just in case. You never know what might happen- especially if the hike is longer than expected.


(4) First Aid Kit

Basic first aid essentials for small scrapes.



For sanitary purposes.


(2) Lip balm

My lips get chapped easily on long hikes, so I always keep some on hand.


(1) Headlamp

For when it starts to get dark early and I need light to see the trail.


Backpack rain cover

To keep my belongings from getting wet.


Spare hair ties

I’ve snapped a few while out on the trail and have been left with no way to keep my hair out of my face so now I always carry at least one spare.


Bear bell

Nearly every trail I hike is bear territory, so I keep a bell on hand to warn bears I’m in the area.


Bear spray

It doesn’t hurt to be prepared.







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