Why We’re Included in Outside Magazine’s List of 50 Best Places to Work in America

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It’s about the culture!

We’re proud to once again be named one of Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work (and for the 8th year running, yay us!). Our secret to success? Aside from amazing locations and big perks like Paw-ternity (paid leave for pet-related life -events) and Volunteer Time Off (VTO, paid leave for volunteer activities), we like to think our focus on communication and relationship building has powered us to the top.

For us, it’s about finding smart and effective ways to interact and collaborate in the most human way possible. So much so, that it has become a part of what makes us, us. 

We don’t just communicate, we connect. Here’s a couple of ways we’re making it happen.


Miscommunication not only throttles productivity, but it can hinder work satisfaction. And it’s much easier to misread something when you haven’t set the ground rules for a good conversation.

At Spawn, we have a couple pointers in place to make sure we’re saying the right things, at the right time, in the most effective way possible.


When we need an immediate and quick answer on something simple, we use Gchat. Because chatroom notifications are easy to miss, we make sure to keep things light.


E-mail is used when we need to relay information that doesn’t have a tight time crunch. Because emails can be saved and referenced later, we use this outlet to send bigger files or news.


When a team member is offsite, texting can be helpful when we need to say something urgent. Or when its expressed that this is the best way to get ahold of someone.

Call, Video Chat, Or Meet in Person

Despite the convenience of electronic communication, sometimes the best option is to speak to someone –

crazy right? Direct communication gives you the benefit of body language, tone of voice and an instant exchange.

By establishing communication norms, you allow your team to focus on the bigger picture, like tailoring business goals and objectives and carrying out everyday duties.

Build Relationships

Employee engagement is one of the most powerful paybacks of good communication. When you have a team that feels comfortable talking about what inspires them, their hobbies, or even their favorite bingeworthy Netflix series, you not only improve morale, but you foster connections that lead to a boost in productivity and innovation. 

At Spawn, we use a messaging platform called Hangouts Chat that we think helps do just that. Imagine an online feed but for the workplace. It’s here where coworkers can share ideas, newsworthy happenings or just simply announce they’re running a little late getting to the office due to the fresh five inches of snow outside.

We also rotate team members yearly to be in the Spawn Social Committee. A panel that meets twice a month to collaborate on ideas for the office to – you guessed it – get social.

When you offer people more ways to participate in conversation, you’ll be surprised just what they’re willing to share!

In the spirit of being the most efficient and effective team, Spawn understands that a little communication goes a long way. And by taking a few steps to improve how you talk with your coworkers you’ll see tremendous paybacks, not only for the happiness of those working for you, but for the success of your business as a whole. 

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