App Appreciation

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From entertainment and dating, to transportation and banking; these days, there’s an app for nearly everything. So much so, it can be hard to narrow down which ones are worth the download. That’s why we recently asked our team what their go-to apps are. Here’s what they came up with:

1.) BuzzFeed

“It helps keep my mind off the news with quizzes like “What kind of fries are you?” (I’m McDonald’s fries btw). – Siobhan

2.) Spotify

“I listen to music all day now that I’m WFH, otherwise it’s too quiet. I’ve got all sorts of playlists & podcasts at my fingertips.” – Siobhan

3.) Instagram

“IG keeps me feeling connected to the people important to me (It’s also interesting seeing how quarantine is treating everyone)”. – Geneva

4.) Apple Podcasts

“Three words: My Favorite Murder #SSDGM”. – Geneva

5.) Zoom

“My most used app right now, for sure.” – April

6.) Fred Meyer

– Kaylee

7.) Amazon

– Alonna

8.) Marco Polo

– Alonna

9.) Camera App

“I can take pictures for all my family in Ohio and Michigan.”- Julie

10.) Facebook

“So my aunts, in particular, can see the pictures I take for them to lift their spirits and keep them healthy.” -Julie

11.) Libby

“So I can download books from the library.” – Kathy

12.) Zwift

“You can connect live, to ride with your cycle crew!” – Abbey

13.) Strava

– Abbey

14.) Facetime

– Abbey

15.) Audible

“I feel like I’m doing something productive when I replace absent minded activities into listening to a book.”-Marina

16.) TikTok

“Time I used to spend outside of the house is now spent scrolling through TikTok videos. It’s my guilty pleasure.” – Marina

17.) Bejeweled Stars

“ #Level219” – Michelle

18.) Solitaire Grand Harvest

“#Level1494” – Michelle

19.) Pinterest

“For home project inspo and recipes.” – Hannah

20.) Garmin

“For tracking my workouts/sleep/steps/etc.” – Rebecca

21.) Reddit

“For mindless browsing.” – Rebecca

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