Moments that Matter: Team Building

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By Siobhan Johansen, Project and Content Manager

Share small moments, share big moments. Share moments as a team.

Spawn had a delayed holiday party for our Anchorage team in March after the December 2022 Snowpocalypse postponed the original holiday party. The delay was a blessing in disguise, as we were able to pivot our original plans of having an in-person happy hour at our agency headquarters — to something a bit more active.

Our inspiration for the pivot was thanks to our client, GCI. They treated us, and their other marketing partners, to a day of fun and games at the Wasilla Extreme Fun Center (an arcade/laser tag/go-kart venue) earlier in the year. After that day of fun, we saw an excellent opportunity to continue the benefits of socializing and playing games. Snow tubing at Arctic Valley Ski Area became the new plan.

Day of, the weather was ideal. Snow was on the ground, and the sun was shining in the sky in the unique way the Alaska sun shines in the spring. Many of us shed layers because the sun was so warm, and we got toasty in our puffy jackets. Because a good Alaskan is always prepared for the coldest possibility while hoping for the warmest.

We bonded. We raced. We talked trash. We linked arms and limbs to create a long caterpillar of tubes. We tried (and failed) to make it all the way around a big curve on the longest run. We fell down, and we helped each other up. We bonded.

There’s something about being outside, having fun, and good weather that brings out the best in people. At least, that is the case for my people at Spawn. While some people didn’t join in on the actual tubing, they still joined in on the fun by hanging out at the foot of the runs to play director and choreographer, taking photos and videos of the tubers.

We ate decadent cookies in the lodge at the end of the afternoon and just enjoyed each other’s company. Everyone got a laugh when I shared that I’m incapable of choosing the correct size Tupperware container for leftovers. We laughed about home life, tattoo ideas, dogs, kids, the weather… because that’s the kind of group we are. We share those weird, sometimes mundane, sometimes hilarious parts of our lives.

So if you’re reading this and you work in an office (or remotely for a company with a large group of employees in the same area), this is your sign to organize an afternoon like this. 

Get everyone together, no work talk, for an activity. It could be snow tubing (I highly recommend it!), or maybe it’s mini-golf, ax throwing, or an arcade trip. Somewhere where everyone can let off some steam and enjoy each other’s company. Perhaps even get the blood pumping a bit. Hot take: have it during work hours so more people will be able to make it before after-work commitments kick in.

It’s small or big moments like this that remind me how lucky I am to work with a bunch of people I enjoy spending time with. My dad’s career advice has always been “work with people you like,” and I have certainly found that at Spawn. Whether we are collaborating on Instagram reel ideas, racing each other in go-karts, or linking limbs to create a snow-tubing caterpillar, Spawn really knows how to bring the best people together.

At Spawn Ideas, we fuel the curious and wild in people by genuinely getting to know them. So, if your brand helps customers embrace adventure, travel and wellbeing, we’ll turn your reason to be into a reason to buy. Our staff works hard to live well in places like Denver, Colorado, and Anchorage, Alaska.

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