5 Reasons You Should Hire a High School Intern

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We sat down with our very own high school intern, Nicky, to talk about the benefits of hiring students like her in fast-paced industries and agencies. Her insights just prove the point: hiring a bright, motivated high school intern will add so much to your team.

High schoolers may not be the first candidates that come to mind when thinking of hiring an intern. After all, most interns tend to be college age, looking for full time employment, post-graduation. However, as recent studies have shown that having an internship, regardless of age, increases the likelihood of a job offer by a whopping 70%, many high schools and students have begun pushing for more internship opportunities during high school years. 

In 2020, however, it’s estimated that only 2% of high school students had completed internships. The opportunity to hire bright, career driven interns is certainly a viable option, as data from 2020 shows that among teenagers 16-17 years old, nearly 20% of them are employed in some form. 

With so many students looking to better themselves through internship work, you might be thinking, “Sure, that’s great for the student… but what would I get out of hiring a high school  intern? Well, let’s go straight to the source and find out what Nicky has to say here:

Eager and enthusiastic to learn

High schoolers looking for internships are usually looking because they are interested in a specific subject that they don’t have in schools. While a lack of experience may seem like a vice, it’s actually a virtue because they are eager to learn. They are also able to contribute new ideas, while making the workplace feel youthful and can even contribute to a better working environment as a result.

Fresh perspective

Teens are always up to speed on the latest trends and can work with social media and other digital platforms. High schoolers can help businesses with an array of tech-savvy projects — even educating people on the latest trends and social platforms in an ever-evolving industry.

An opportunity for everyone

High school students are focused not just on the money, but on the experience that they wouldn’t get in school. This can help businesses keep costs low, while providing a great experience for motivated and willing students.

Exposure and giving back

With the experience of working with a high schooler, companies can see new talents in the field early. When a company helps a teen on their career journey, they are supporting the well-being of not just the local community, but the rest of the world by educating and empowering the next generation of the workforce.

Workforce skills

High schools often don’t teach soft skills like communication, teamwork, leadership, and adaptability in their curriculum, but rather focus more time on hard skills that are measurable and easy to grade. With real work experience, students can learn those skills and other softer skills necessary to succeed in a work environment at a young age, setting them up for future success in real employment.

Hiring a high school intern is an exciting way to invest in your business, the next generation, and in an individual’s education career path. It can make a real impact on their college and career choices once they graduate. And with teens leading as content creators and tech-wizzes, there’s a lot businesses can learn, too.

Nicky is a junior at West Anchorage High School. Her favorite class is English and she wants to attend the University of Southern California with a major in Narrative Studies.

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