Work of the Week: Salmon Love

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The Creative: Logo for The Salmon Project

The Client: The Salmon Project

Why We Made It: In Alaska, salmon matter. They’re a fundamental element of our state’s economy, and a key aspect of our way of life. So, our opinions on issues related to salmon? They tend to be strong. The Salmon Project was a feasibility study conducted to determine local support for a nonprofit devoted to preserving the Alaska wild salmon resource.  

What We Were Trying to Accomplish: Salmon Love was our campaign’s concept. It grew from the insight that — whatever an Alaskan thought about a particular fishing issue — love for salmon is near-universal. And it runs deep. This logo would be used on all of our materials, including promotional giveaways and items (like bumper stickers) that we wanted consumers to proudly use and display, so we had to make sure it looked good enough to literally wear on our sleeves.

The Salmon Love logo represents the relationship between angler and salmon. Love for salmon runs much deeper than just catching. It’s about love for our beautiful waters, sustainability and a healthy environment, all which take action on our part.  To capture this idea, we not only included bold, passionate colors to represent love, but also a kiss to represent action.

What We Love About It: What we love about it is using the salmon outlined within the lips to illustrate the connection in a simple, yet meaningful execution.

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