Work of the Week: NextMX

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Spawn Ideas is proud to be part of nextMX, an alliance of thought-leaders, including Stone Mantel and ALA Consulting, who work together to help businesses deliver future-focused meaningful customer experiences (MX) for the long-term success of their brands.

And at Spawn, we take our role as partner seriously. That’s why, when nextMX needed a new website really fast, we got scrappy — designing, developing and launching version 1.0 in a mere 3-week timeframe.

How We Did It

First things first—we don’t generally recommend a timeline this compressed. (If you’d like to learn how to do a site launch right, contact But we also weren’t backing down from this challenge.

Internal, quick-turn projects, like this one, generally mean two key constraints: you have to use the tools at hand, and you have to guarantee quick designs and approvals.

For this job, we mapped a typical process with agile implementation in mind. We:

  • Got buy-in on our schedule and commitment to our review and revision process
  • Defined the site’s goals and our desired user experience (UX)
  • Built a sitemap and wireframes based on our key objectives
  • Designed a look and feel for the site
  • Aligned design and UX with the existing systems and tools
  • Started development

This effort required a true, agile, team approach — all hands were on-deck for sprint planning, daily check-ins, quick turnarounds, and ongoing reviews and revisions. We launched on time, meeting a critical business objective, and we’re looking forward to creating version 2.0.

Tools We Used

  • We used the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) to ensure that content edits would be easy.
  • We built the pages with Elementor, a page-building framework for WordPress. Elementor’s API (Application Programming Interface) enabled us to build custom responsive widgets for the website.
  • We added a Driftbot (chatbot) to allow people browsing on the site to interact with our nextMX team.

These tools were key to creating a fully responsive website, one that’s viewable on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

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