The Many Modes of the Holidays

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Season’s Greetings! The happy, hectic, holiday season is a prime opportunity to market to your customers’ modes*.

Why now? Because, although customer attention is always elusive, each person’s level of distraction is supercharged this time of the year. If you can effectively deliver a strong message now, you’ll likely have their attention for a long time to come.

Let’s take a quick look at two common, though very different, holiday modes: Producing mode and family time mode.

Producing Mode

Producing mode is the zone we get into when we want to get things done and check them off our lists. When your customer is in this mode, your goal is to arm them with the brief, convenient and helpful information they need in order to get things done quickly and effectively.

In a marketing world, this means shifting from a “shouting” mindset to a “helping” mentality. Think:

  • online shopping suggestions
  • checklists
  • easy-to-access customer reviews and
  • clear, concise messaging.

Don’t waste your—or your customers’—time romancing the message when customers are in producing mode. Drill down to must useful information and make the experience as frictionless as possible. You’ll see faster conversions and increased brand loyalty because you are helping them, optimizing their time.

Family Time Mode

Now consider how your marketing and tactics change if you are speaking to someone who’s in family time mode. Family time mode is the mindset you have when you’re turning off the daily stress and focusing on shared moments with the people who matter the most to you. To deliver the right tone here, you need to dial up the emotion (heartfelt or humorous) and build a connection, rather than offering up laser-focused productivity messages.

Family time mode is your chance to create compelling, entertaining storytelling—brand messaging that makes your company more personal and human. Doing this right can create a shared bond with customers over the importance of family while amplifying the experience of that special time for your target audience.


Whether it’s during the holidays, or in the New Year, Spawn would love to help you when you’re in improving mode when it comes to your company’s marketing toolkit. To learn more about what mode can do for you, give Kaylee Devine (Alaska, 907-274-9504) or Ryan Mendenhall (everywhere else, 208-518-7791) a call and our team will shed some light on the low-hanging fruit and the great opportunities ahead.


*So, what’s a mode? It’s a mindset and pattern of behavior that a customer gets into to help get a job done. Core modes include: improving, exploring, creating, learning, planning, playing and more. Communicating to your target audience’s modes reduces the friction for them between thinking (about your product or service) and doing (raising their hand to buy). Marketing to mode also t results in messages that connect, convert and earn customer love and loyalty.

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