The Outdoor Do’s

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It’s no mystery that exercise is important for your physical and mental health. With our gyms now temporarily closing their doors, it’s time to turn to the great outdoors! But what are our safe outdoor activity options? According to a USA Today source, you can go outside and play by:

1. Biking/hiking/jogging in parks with enough space for physical distancing.

Skip crowded parks and playgrounds (bacteria can live on playground equipment, and it’s not routine to clean or sanitize after every use), and don’t go out with a large group.

2. Tossing a frisbee/football with the people you’re hunkering down with.

Contact activities should be played with only immediate family members.

3. Strolling beaches that have no crowds.

Even with ocean breezes, however, you need to keep a safe distance from others.

4. Swimming in your own pool.

Swimming itself is fine, but a public pool is probably not a good idea. Though chlorine kills germs, the surface around the pool can still carry bacteria. Crowded pools are considered high risk.

5. A neighborhood walk — if your neighborhood is quiet.

Taking a walk with your kids or dog is safe in more suburban, less dense areas. Residents of crowded cities should be more cautious, since physical distancing from others is harder to do.

Whatever activity you choose, be smart and stay alert. Maintain a six-foot radius between yourself and strangers, especially people coughing or sneezing. Happy Trekking!

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