The Remote Work Movement

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At Spawn, we have a secret superpower for dealing with the crisis that has us all working at home — we’re a partly remote staff already! So as the team from the mothership headed home for the next period of time, we asked our remote teams to give us the skinny on working from home like you’ve been doing it forever.

And these are their top tips.

Pro Tip #1: Get ready as if you’re going to the office

Shower and get dressed. Wear pants. There’s no need for a suit — but no jammies! You need to be ready for that video call (see tip 4).

Pro Tip #2: Have a dedicated workspace (with a door!)

Avoid the couch, tv room and kitchen. You’ll want to be free of any distractions, because multitasking is a myth.

Pro Tip #3: Work your regular business hours

At Spawn, that means business hours in your own time zone. But whatever your regular hours are, keep them! Normal business hours help maintain consistency and makes it easier for other team members to keep in contact with you.

Pro- Tip #4: Communication is key

Do more: video, chat, calls. Do fewer emails. These more human modes of outreach will keep you and your team engaged.

Pro-Tip #5: Follow meeting etiquette as if you were face-to-face

This means staying off your phone, sitting up straight and giving your undivided attention.

Pro Tip #6: Get up and move

Working from home means it’s easier to sit for 8 hours straight. Set your FITBIT to remind you to move every so often (you can join Spawn’s fitness minute on Instagram Tuesdays and Thursdays).

Pro Tip #7: Eat for health, not just comfort

Nothing halts your work progress like an empty stomach. Make sure you plan for healthy snacks and keep a water bottle within arm’s reach.

Pro Tip #8: Have a dedicated Get Sh*t Done Playlist

A little music motivation goes a long way. Don’t have one top of mind? We’ve got you covered! Listen to some song favorites compiled from the Spawn team on Apple Music or Spotify.

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