Customer Journey Insights: We’re Getting A Little Emotional Over Here

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Hard Data + Human Insights = A Formula for Success

In our data hungry culture, it’s easy to forget that people are more than numbers on a spreadsheet. That’s why, for our first work with an account promoting Alaska tourism, we made sure to incorporate human voices and hard numbers to develop insights that would have real impact. First, of course, we scoured existing data. And then we got personal, speaking with real people who wanted to visit the state – or had done so already (often again and again).

Quantitative surveys told us visitors we’re “highly satisfied” and “very likely to return” but people – qualitative research – transformed those generic statements into “it’s my happy place” and “you can leave Alaska but it never leaves you.” Those rich perspectives gave Spawn’s creative team something to sink their teeth into for emotional storytelling.

Check out our first work to promote Alaska (and come visit us soon!)


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