The Social Experience + Your Small Business

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In the early years of social media, most users, business and personal alike, feared the comment section (and rightfully so – some crazy stuff can happen there!). But as the world adapts to ignoring trolls, it’s gotten safer for brands to treat the comment section as a prime spot for engagement with customers and prospective customers.

Today, it’s common to see numerous comments of users claiming their only reason for viewing a certain post is to see what others are saying about it. A playground for “spilt tea”.

This not only goes for your favorite celebrity or meme account, but for businesses as well. The comment section has become a primary way for brands to represent themselves. And with 72 percent of millennials saying they’re more likely to be loyal to a brand that engages with them on social media, it has become an important part of a business’s digital marketing strategy.

But exactly what type of interaction are consumers craving?

Build Community

The comment section gives consumers a chance to connect with brands and users of similar interests. And with timeline algorithms now highlighting activity from friends and family in the place of other accounts, marketers now have a prime setting for encouraging organic social media engagement.

Brands can start the conversations and participate in them.

Bud Light leverages this opportunity by using a playful Facebook persona that sparks involvement from consumers who love to crack open a cold one. Their posts are not only shared and liked by thousands, but flooded with comments from users looking to chime in.  

Talk Back

Nearly one third of social users expect a response from brands to comments or tags. Millennials in particular are more likely to reach out on these networks, rather than sending an email or picking up a phone.

Brands can harness this tendency by creating like-worthy feedback that goes beyond just giving a response.

Netflix centers their Twitter persona around authenticity and interactions with their viewers. And with 52% of the tweets from their handle being replies, you can almost always expect a lighthearted and witty comeback from the brand.

Respond Quickly

Feedback on social media is likely to leave a lasting impression. But 66 percent of millennials say their loyalty is impacted by how fast that feedback is delivered.

Brands should focus on replying as soon as possible to satisfy these millennial consumers, as well as the 55 percent of Americans who share that same standard.

JetBlue Airways takes the cake for their rapid-fire response time on Twitter. Their dedicated team of customer service professionals answers every question that comes their way. JetBlue acknowledges their efforts by saying “We call ourselves a customer service company that happens to fly planes.”

Social media is a marketing budget-friendly way for brands to go the extra mile.

Proactively reaching out to consumers for feedback and driving comment-worthy content lets consumers know you care enough to join their conversation. And brands that do are rewarded, since over half of millennials say they would recommend a brand with a strong social presence, even if they were initially unhappy with their product or service.

Not to mention, this gives brands the opportunity to create a voice that boosts the consumer experience.

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